US to Become Fourth Largest Smartphone Market by 2018, behind China, Brazil and India


We all know that the US is the biggest smartphone market. We also learned not to long ago that India is the #3 largest market behind China and the US. But according to analysts at ABI Research that by 2018, China, Brazil and India will surpass the US as the biggest smartphone market. China and India don’t really surprise me since they have many more people living there than we do here in the US. But Brazil? Yeah that one caught me by surprise.

ABI Research also says by the end of 2013, China will displace the US as the largest smartphone market. And India and Brazil will pass up the US in the next five years:

ABI Research forecasts that the top five countries in 2018 will account for 51% of worldwide smartphone shipments while the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries will account for 33% of smartphone shipments.  By 2018, Western Europe and North Americas’ share of smartphone shipments will be 33% (equal to BRIC) down from 39% in 2013. It is clear that the growth of the smartphone market over the next five years will depend on operators and handset OEMs delivering optimized and price appropriate solutions to the BRIC consumers.

This same firm is also predicting that Russia will be the 11th largest smartphone market by the end of this year and will jump to the seventh spot by 2018. It’s really interesting seeing how all these changes are taking place, and how quickly smartphones are taking over. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to find people that don’t own a smartphone of some type. Even if it is just a low-end device coming from Huawei or ZTE.

So does this mean the US won’t get the best smartphones in 2018? It could. Right now, the US gets many of the “good” phones because we are such a huge market, the OEMs have to bring their “A game” if they want to succeed or even break even in the US. We’ll have to wait until 2018 to see how it all plays out. How many of you are surprised to see China, India and Brazil surpass the US in the smartphone market by 2018?

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