Smart TV Manufacturers Unhappy With Google’s Stance on HTML5 and YouTube Ceritfication


It seems OEM’s are starting to complain that if they use their own HTML5 version YouTube, they must get certified by Google, while if they license Google TV they don’t need to go through the same process, ETNews is reporting. As far as I’m concerned it seems like a pretty fair process.

First off, if someone is going to use Google TV, they obviously have Google’s own YouTube app in there, so it doesn’t need further certification, because it’s their own app.

What Google is doing here is asking them to certify their own custom HTML5 apps, which are drawing YouTube’s API’s, and Google needs to make sure they are respecting their terms of service.

Granted, some of them (mainly Samsung probably) are complaining that this process can even take 3 months. That sounds like an awful lot of time, so perhaps Google is indeed trying to forcefully convince some OEM’s to adopt Google TV instead of their own custom operating systems with HTML5 YouTube apps.

Google hasn’t had a lot of success pushing Google TV so far, in part because they’ve failed to get a lot of content deals over the past 3 years, in part because the UI wasn’t the best from the beginning, and also because OEM’s like Samsung thought they’d rather do their own thing than use Google’s software again.

I think Google will launch a much improved Google TV this year, along with hardware for it, like the new Nexus Q which might contain the rumored “console”, too, and I don’t think Samsung’s own software will be very successful. If they want to beat Apple, they need to stick together, and use one platform. That’s how they beat the iPhone, too, but even that took a while, and the iOS apps platform is still bigger/better for now, simply because of how much momentum the iPhone and iPad had.

One company, even if it’s Samsung, won’t be able to beat that on its own. They need Google, and they need other OEM’s to stick together, and push the same software on the market, so a big enough market is formed for developers to take advantage of it.

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