Motorola Landing Page Outs “Droid ULTRA” Name; Verizon’s Moto-X?



Throughout 2013, we’ve been wondering where the sleeping giant that is Motorola were and it looks like there are some more signs of life at long last. When the company announced that the “Moto-X” was in fact a real device and that it’d be launching this Summer, we all thought that was it but, as @evleaks let slip not too long ago, the company still has some unfinished business with Verizon and the Droid brand. The word is that Verizon and Motorola will once again stick to the tried and true formula that has become the Droid RAZR line. This time around though, VZW has gone for the moniker of “Ultra”, but it’s rumored that they will still introduce a “MAXX” and a smaller, “M” version of the devices.

A Motorola landing page has gone live, with a snippet of info that points to the Droid Ultra coming soon. While the most interesting part of the page can be summed in this handy little screenshot below, there are some other features that the site managed to let slip as well.



Specifications for the device such as the 8MP rear-facing camera and Dual-Core 1.5 Ghz CPU have us wondering whether or not this could be the “M” version of the device or even the “Moto-X” or “XFON” for Verizon that keeps their precious Droid branding intact. Whatever this device is, it’s nothing too special to write home about, with a 2,000 mAh battery this looks very much like the “M” version of the line. Although, these specs are incredibly similar to that of last year’s Droid RAZR M so there’s a very big possibility that these are just the specs lifted from that page. If that’s the case, then that could well be a big hint that this is in fact the “M” for 2013.

There’s not much more known about the device but, it is good to see that Motorola are coming close to launching a smartphone this year. Arguably something a lot of us thought might not ever happen.

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