Why should anybody care about your social status? – Talk Mobile

Update. Check-in. Post. Poke. Tweet. Like. Pin. Upload. Filter. Share. Plus. The world of social networking is ever-evolving and ever-expanding. An outgrowth of our own in-person social interactions, online social networking has become a new facet of our human communication, often supplanting a good portion of that originating in-person interaction.

Social networking has spread our reach from the people who are within the range of our voice to the ends of the Earth and back again. It’s enabled the sharing of photos and videos and more in ways that were never before possible. Social networking has reconnected old friends, strengthened existing relationships, and forged new ones across the digital chasm.

But does any of it matter? Should we really care what other people think about what we post? Do other people actually care? Does it matter which networks we use, and how much time we spend on them?

Has social networking give us great voice, or just greater noise?

via Windows Phone Central – News – Forums – Reviews – Help for Windows Phone http://www.wpcentral.com/talk-mobile/why-should-anybody-care-about-your-social-status-talk-mobile


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