There’s only one Nokia phone that’s perfect for Superman (and this isn’t it)

Lumia 925 Man of Steel

Promoting the Lumia 925 alongside the Man Of Steel movie was a good marketing decision by Nokia. The phone has the right look for the movie: it’s unique, metallic, and even somewhat futuristic. It’s a bold and striking piece of hardware that fits well with a movie that can be described with the same type of adjectives. Well done Nokia. This was a good marketing decision.

The Man Of Steel/Lumia 925 campaign makes perfect sense in markets like the US, the UK, Germany, and China where the phone is (or will be) sold. But what about the markets where the Lumia 925 isn’t available? Nokia has decided to push ahead with the Man Of Steel promotion in these markets using the Lumia 920 as the ‘Superman’ phone – I think it’s a marketing ‘fail’.

via Windows Phone Central – News – Forums – Reviews – Help for Windows Phone


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