Google Play Support Adds Live Chat – For Those Questions Before you buy a new Device


After last November’s whole Nexus 4/Nexus 10 launch, we knew one thing about Google Play. Well actually two things. Which was their support sucks and their infrastructure was even worse. Google Play Support has gotten much better over the past 6-7 months. But now they added a new feature to their Support site. You can now chat with Google Play Support.

Now in addition to the “Email Us” button there is a “Chat with us” button on the Google Play Support Contact page, well popup window. Hat tip to Droid Life for finding this out. What is really cool about the new live chat is it looks a lot like Google Talk. It even emails your entire conversation to your inbox, just like Google Talk or Hangouts would. But doesn’t every other company have that feature when you live chat with them? Just about.

This new support is only for pre-sales of devices. So you can’t speak with representatives about apps, books, movie rentals, etc. It’s hardware only here. So how do you access the new live chat option. Go to Google Play Support, click on the Nexus help center, then select a device and then contact us. Next you’ll click on “Buying devices…” then “I have questions…”then finally you’ll see the screen shown above.

This is a great new feature, especially for those that are not sure if they should buy a new Nexus 4 or whatever new Nexus devices come out later this year. Google seems to really be working on their support in Google Play which is definitely needed. Now hopefully they can keep Google Play from crashing when they launch a new product. Although when the Google Play Edition phones launched this week it didn’t crash. But I doubt thousands of people bought those on launch day.

Did you know they had live chat support in Google Play Support?

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