T-Mobile Continues its Rapid LTE Rollout with $308 Million Deal with US Cellular

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T-Mobile was the last carrier to start rolling out LTE. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be last to cover their 3G footprint. T-Mobile is planning to have 200 million people covered by the end of the year. That’s a good chunk of the US. They’ve already launched LTE in a handful of markets and about 20 more coming between now and July. So T-Mobile is making some waves with LTE, even faster than Sprint who had almost a year jump on T-Mobile.

On Friday, T-Mobile released a statement that they are purchasing about 10MHz of AWS spectrum from regional carrier US Cellular. US Cellular will be getting about $308 million out of the deal. Of course, it’s still pending FCC approval, as normal. But that 10MHz of spectrum will be T-Mobile soon enough. This is especially good for T-Mobile customers, especially in the Southeast.

According to the press release, the spectrum will cover about 32 million people in cities including Memphis, Little Rock, New Orleans and St. Louis. Good job T-Mobile. Many people have criticized T-Mobile for their network coverage. So I’m hoping that with their new LTE network they can provide better coverage which will gain them even more customers. With their current price plans, it’s almost a no brainer, until you see that you have no coverage at home from T-Mobile. That’s arguably their biggest problem.

You can check out the press release for more information. but this is definitely good news for T-Mobile and their customers, especially those in Southeast US. Let’s see how fast T-Mobile can roll out their LTE network. Verizon is just about done with there’s. They have just a few more markets left to get to 100% of their 3G footprint. How many of you are on T-Mobile? How are you liking their service?

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